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Tailored services from TM Latin America are characterized by combining different strategies adapted to the requirements of each client. Our mission is to create fluent channels of communication and long-standing relationships with the tourism wholesalers, travel agencies, media partners and final consumers, always oriented to produce the highest return on investment for our clients.

Communications and Public Relations

We create a positive positioning of your brand in real and potential niche markets through careful exposure in the regional and local media with effective messages through

  • Strategic communication plans
  • Creation and distribution of press releases
  • Development of editorial content (online and offline)
  • Strategic alliances for advertising opportunities
  • Familiarization press trips (Press trips)
  • Interviews with key industry figures
  • Constant communication with the press and media
  • Use of social networks as a communication tool
  • Launch of products and services
  • Press conferences and events

Sales and backend support

We focus on developing the market and increase sales to maximize the return on investment, when developing a sales plan, establishing strong relationships with the distribution channels in the targeted markets. Furthermore, we identify the niche market for each customer to design an integrated and tailored marketing program, rather than applying the same formula for all clients. In developing your sales plan, we consider

  • Evaluation and monitoring of Sales Channels
  • Sales force with representatives in major Latin American markets for each client
  • Development of sales strategies
  • Backend support: sales, marketing, post-sales support
  • Access to our exceptional relationships with wholesalers, travel agencies,
    airlines and media
  • Establishment of corporate regional offices contact
  • Development of strategic business alliances to maximize distribution channels
  • Organization, development and implementation of familiarization trips for wholesalers and travel agencies
  • Product sales and training seminars


We create positioning, market penetration and loyalty to our clients in the target markets through marketing solutions that respond to our customer’s requirements; we also have the experience of producing highly attractive and quality ATL and BTL advertising campaigns that generate a significant impact through different type of media such as online, TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers and Internet. Our marketing services include:

  • Design and execution of Marketing Plans
  • Creation and development of incentive programs
  • Market research
  • Strategic formulation and negotiation of advertising campaigns
  • Using online marketing tools (newsletters, e-mailings) and offline too
  • Development of print and POP materials in Portuguese and Spanish
  • Buzz Marketing
  • Bench marketing
  • Organization and participation in the industry events (trade fairs, seminars, shows)
  • Finding new customers and partnerships
  • Marketing B2B / B2C
  • E-marketing

Marketing B2B

We work with integral tactics with the distribution channels and their key partners:

  • Tours operators and travel agencies familiarization trips
  • Coop marketing programs
  • Incentive Programs
  • Strategic alliances with airlines, hotels, resorts, destinations, parks and attractions
  • Tele-marketing
  • Corporate partners
  • Education of distribution channels

Marketing B2C

To achieve brand-positioning means to understand the target market, its environment and its offer as the basic elements for establishing a successful marketing plan, highlighting also the strengths and characteristics compared to the competitors. To design a plan of action, we consider:

  • Using the most effective channels and latest tools available to reach the
    potential client for each product or service
  • Creating joint promotions with leading brands from various sectors: credit
    cards, shopping malls, airlines, banks and other consumer products.
  • Creating contests and promotions in online, social networks or traditional
  • Brand exposure in magazines, newspapers, web portals, on-line content and electronic media


We focus on making online marketing a sales communication channel with direct interaction with the target consumers through:

  • Outbound marketing: Reach out potential customers through display ads,
    video ads, social media ads.
  • Inbound marketing: Establishing our clients’ top of mind in the market by
    generating a strong content strategy supported in blogs, social media, forums and content libraries. Also, build a consistent SEO and SEM strategies that allow us to position our client's business in search engines.
  • Remarketing: Establish a loyal client base that allow us to run upsell and
    cross-sell initiatives, generating word of mouth advertising that also
    generates new customers.

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